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logo 17 • CAMLOG Partner Magazine • March 2018 EDITORIAL 2 In the last issue of our partner magazine (logo 16), we reported on the renaming of the CAMLOG Foundation to the independent Oral Reconstruction (OR) Foundation. The next logical step was to rename the International CAMLOG Congress the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium. As early as next year, we will continue the successful CAMLOG congresses with our Global Symposium “The Future of the Art of Implant Dentistry” held in Rotterdam from April 26 to 28, 2018, with more than 55 renowned speakers presenting and discussing the latest scientific findings. After our last congress in Krakow, the bar for the OR Foundation has been set very high. The successful symbiosis of a largely unknown but very impressive venue, instructive workshops, and an exciting scientific program with first-class speakers will be continued with the Oral Reconstruction Foundation Symposium 2018 in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is known as a port and industrial city, less as a tourist attraction or party city, and even less as a venue for an international medical and implant dentistry congress. We will not be able to change that in 2018. However, we would like to point out – with all due modesty – that the Foundation and CAMLOG enjoy an excellent reputation in the professional world not only as implant specialists but also as congress organizers. The highlights of the 2018 Symposium’s scientific program can be found on page 4 and you can look forward to a scientific congress, international exchange, exciting best practices, the cool city of Rotterdam, and an atmospheric get-together. See you in Rotterdam for “The Future of the Art of Implant Dentistry”! Sincerely Dr. Alex Schär Oral Reconstruction Foundation CEO and Member of the Foundation Board Dear readers