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logo 17 • CAMLOG Partner Magazine • March 2018 LIFESTYLE 43 Jan Peters Writer Kaiseraugst/Switzerland choice of materials, and innovative design elements, is also well worth a visit. If you are looking for a particularly “bizarre” museum, the Dutch Pinball Museum in Rotterdam springs to mind. Information on where this special cultural site is located is available to pinball wizards from us only on request because this kind of culture still counts as underground… Chill-out zone(s) There are more than enough places to relax in multi-cultural Rotterdam. The Witte de Withstraat can be recommended as a center for such activities. This is also home to De Witte Aap – the White Monkey – which is highly praised by Vogue and even considered by some to be the best bar in the world; and if that’s not good enough for chilling out, then even we at logo are at the end of our wits´end. You’ll just have to try it out for yourself when you attend the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium in Rotterdam from April 26 to 28. April 27: Koningsdag This is the day in Holland when one color and one color alone rules the land of the canals: orange – in honor of the House of Orange-Nassau and the King, the whole country immerses itself in this color. If you want to experience our otherwise rather rational and well-controlled Dutch neighbors becoming ecstatic, you simply have to join in on April 27 in Rotterdam and toast King Willem-Alexander with a Pilsje.