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EDITORIAL 2 »The future comes by itself – success does not« Seeing what everyone sees, yet thinking what nobody has ever thought before – this is how you and we create something new and assure success in the future. Presently we are living through major changes in our society, to which we all bear witness. Whether it was the invention of the steam engine, the wide use of the telephone or the triumph of the computer: technical progress has always resulted in a fundamental change to the corporate world. This applies even more to the pres- ent than the past, as progress has acceler- ated in leaps and bounds. The dynamic change in the world of den- tistry has made the ability of thinking and acting future-oriented one of our major challenges. Demands on the scope of ser- vices, counseling and external image of dental practices and laboratories are in- creasing continuously. The digital revolution, the merging of the classical corporate world and the Internet, all are moving at a breathtaking pace – and yet this is only the beginning. But one thing is for certain: all of us – den- tists, dental technicians and us in the in- dustry – are faced with the challenge of changing, diversifying and adapting. We all need to deal with new technologies, materials and concepts and think out of the box. In the jungle of countless suppliers of im- plants you have chosen the right partner. A partner who is not only a provider of im- plants and supplies you with implants and prosthetic components, but a partner who tailors concepts to meet your needs, who develops these further, and who creates a promising and successful future together with you. Conditions in implantology are changing, as are the treatment needs of patients. We are in a good position with CAMLOG, CONELOG, iSy and DEDICAM. We are working continuously on new products, for your bene t and that of your patients. Read more about our product develop- ments in this issue of logo. The demographic shift requires greater at- tention to aging patients. Demographics and prevalences will dominate the medical routine of the future. Geriatric dentistry, communication between dentists and pa- tients and implantology are three topics which will gain in relevance for the future. Here, we can support you with new tools for communication with patients. Those who adopt to change will bene t from the future. Enjoy the read Michael Ludwig Managing Director CAMLOG Vertriebs GmbH DEAR READERS, C