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LIFESTYLE 23  As with Luke and Anakin Skywalker, the main characters in the previous “Star Wars” trilogy orchestrated by George Lucas, Rey lives on a desert planet, and, as with her predecessors, the fate of her parents is her greatest weakness but also her greatest driving force. But, who are her parents and what has happened to them? This is nearly an even greater secret in episode VII than the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker – and as we don’t want to be spoilsports, we do not intend to unveil it. Somehow sounds familiar Wherever the original cast, weapons and spaceships from previous episodes were not used, Abrams and his co-author Lawrence Kasdan created easily identi - able equivalents: there is an Obi-Wan-Ke- nobi equivalent, a Yoda variation, and the bar in Mos Eisley is recreated as good as new. Unfortunately, Abrams’ and Kasdan’s phantasy fell short when creating the new super weapon of the “First Order” and its omnipotent leader: it is basically the same as before, zoomed several times – but is still impressive! Family reunion Let yourself be overpowered by Star Wars episode No. VII – and, by way of exception, after depositing your social re ective and critical abilities at the wardrobe. Only then can Star Wars veterans fully enjoy “The Force Awakens” and go on a nostalgic trip into yesteryear. And today’s adolescents might get an inkling of what mesmerized their parents back in 1978. As the fairy tale of the so terribly nice Jedi-Sith family starts all over again in this lm, the virtual open re is kept alive – where millions of “real” families can enjoy the warmth together. (Sources: SPON, dpa and others.) Stefano Buttafoco /